SCRIPT ERRORS you just can't seem to fix!


Well, in the story I’m trying to write there is a problem with my speech bubbles. I want it as:
Discover what?

But then it ends with:
JONES (nod_loop)
Very true
Discover what?


Are you getting an error message?


Yes :disappointed:


What’s the error message?


It says:



You can’t use 2 part names for narrator boxes. The characters can only have 1 name, so you’ll have to create a new character and name her MRSCRAIG with no spaces if you want to use the narrator box for that character.

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Oh ok thanks! :grinning::grin:


OMG THANK SO MUCH!! IT WORKED!! :grinning::grinning:


Yay awesome!!


Yay it worked thanks.


Nope, not at all! Here you go :slight_smile:


You spelled label wrong.


Oh! XD
Well, I actually have another error ^^"
I’m so sorry to be like this… I hope I’m not causing any trouble!


No worries! That’s what this thread is for.

On what line is the warning message for?


NVM! I figured it out! XD
Thank you for all of your help nonetheless! I really appreciate it! :slight_smile:


Hi, so I kept getting this error on different lines and I figured out that I forgot the closing brackets, so I put them in but this one comes up and I don’t know what to do. I’m hoping you can help.

p.s. Ignore the outfit names, It’s a devil costume I swear.


You didn’t add the word “choice” for the try again/keep it on choice inside the “I’m horny” choice.


You’re an actual angel. Thank you, how simple <33


I’m getting an Unexpected Dialogue error. I’m trying to make it remember an earlier choice. I’m showing a scene from an earlier episode, (like the characters are watching it on a computer) but the MC was wearing her work clothes. The current outfit is different but I have to change it to keep the scene consistent. (Not sure if that makes sense.) When we return to the present day scene, I need her clothes to be what the player chose earlier in chapter. I thought doing the elif gains would work, but now I have this error.


There needs to be a parenthese that you forgot to put in right next to “Nice 2”

} elif (outfit is “Nice 2”) {

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