SCRIPT ERRORS you just can't seem to fix!

That goto on line 2600 should not be there, so remove that line and then move "School 2" { up so that it’s right beneath the bracket on line 2598, so that it looks like this:

"School 2" {

I want one of my characters to change hairstyles but when i put in the command:

@CHARACTER changes hair into Long Feathered

An error comes up saying that the chosen hairstyle does not exist. Do you know what might’ve caused the problem?

Did you spell your character’s name correctly? Can you post a screenshot of your script?


Have you created a character named CHARACTER1?

OMG, I _cannot believe that I didn’t see that! I’m sorry about this. Thanks for the help regardless, I can be so clumsy sometimes :joy::fearful: _

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I tried that as well, I even tried to remove the other label completely but so far, nothing’s worked u-u

Nevermind, I got it fixed :slight_smile: Thanks for your time!

THANK YOU! It’s working now :smiley:

Heyyyy, so I’ve been getting really frustrated with gains and an error that keeps popping up. I don’t know what to do :weary:
I’m still a bit confused about labels and gotos and where I should place them, especially since I have a choice within a choice option.

There are still more screenshots coming up, so sorry if I spam your notifications :sweat_smile:

Also, whenever I choose one of the options, it keeps going to the else scenario and not the if one.

The goto needs to be the very last thing inside the choice.

A goto leads to a label, so if you put a goto at the beginning of a choice then it will skip over what is inside that choice. So put the goto right before the ending bracket of your choice.

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Sorry to bother you. Hopefully you’re still here. Anyways i was copying a script thing to let the readers customize their looks but when i tried to save it it says


You need to change the character name to your own character’s name. Make sure it’s spelled correctly, and make sure that you have already created that character.

Ok! Thank you so much! I’ll try it out

Wait, where do you change the characters name? I’m so sorry i’m new to this

You highlight the template’s name in your script. Press CTRL + F on your keyboard (CMMD + F for macs). A gray box will appear on your screen. Click on ALL on the box. Then type in your character’s name in all CAPS.

I’m so sorry for asking you. You’re probably so annoyed and i’m sorry but wheres the template’s name in my script???

It’s the character name.