SCRIPT ERRORS you just can't seem to fix!

Thank you very much

Did the problem ever get solved? Because I have to refresh the page every single time I make any changes to my story and it is pretty annoying.


I’m confused, I don’t see a space

Nope, unfortunately this is still happening…

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Im trying to get the character at screen center to hug the other i can’t get her to face the right way

Can someone help?

You must make the character faces the opposite way when you have them do a rear animation. So if you want your character to face left while being rear, you need to make them faces right (and vise versa)

Thank you :slight_smile:

I used a script template and i put in the characters name since stuff goes wrong if you don’t but, it say that
(example: “No BODYCOLOR named Fair warm exists.” so now i’m not sure what to do.

Episode has changed all the skin tone names to different ones so now all limelight templates are fucked up. I’m currently in the process of editing my templates

wow that sucks

I swear I’m about to throw my laptop across the room HELP PLZ

You need to add a period or exclamation point if your dialogue is in all caps.

OMD I feel like an IDIOT thx so much :sweat_smile:

Apparently it won’t go past the lip colour choice

Is it this same problem

yeah i think so

hi could you help with this error please?12%20PM


When you want a character to do an animation without dialogue, the command looks like this: @CHARACTER is animation

CHARACTER (animation) is only used for dialogue.

i did that and now @SADIE dustoff_neutral_loop
has an error
it says its not a valid directing command

wait its okay i forgot the is hahaha sorry, thankyou