SCRIPT ERRORS you just can't seem to fix!

I’ve tried everything I know
Please help

Is the zoom on line 1286 suppose to be in the “Respond” choice or the “Ignore” choice? That zoom shouldn’t be there. You can’t have anything between an ending bracket and the next choice option. That bracket on line 1284 needs to be right next to “Ignore him”, like this:

} “Ignore him.” {

It’s supposed to be on the ignore choice before the character starts the phone animation

I put the zoom after the second choice, but it’s the error’s still there
Is the problem the brackets?


It worked! Thanks so much


i don’t know what I did wrong, could you help me, please?

Dad needs to be in all caps and you need to add dialogue.

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I feel stupid now thank you

Hi I have a problem with character customization where when I used the template it says “avatar_0 doesn’t exist”?

That’s the very first part of a cc template. You either deleted it by accident, or you didn’t copy the whole template code and left that part out.

I have another error I wanted the choices to be remembered.

Remove the spaces and change them into underscores

ERROR: the label fem_brows1 does not exsist

I don’t understand what the problem is.

Did you only take the new skin sections and add them to the older template? I’ve updated the whole entire template, not just the skin tones, so you need to copy and paste the new updated template and delete the old one from your script.

i’m really struggling with fixing this

Line 1260 needs the word “goto” and the “L” in lipsColor needs to be capitalized to match the label

Remove that first bracket