SCRIPT ERRORS you just can't seem to fix!

I just started to write ( a test story to learn ) but don’t know why there errors,… can you tell me?



The first letter of every line of dialogue needs to be capitalized.

You need to fix line 2, because that’s what’s causing the error. You need to add your character’s name after AND

@ MIRI stands screen center AND MIRI faces right

ahh thanks really!

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Remove BELLA_. The label should just be “avatar_0”

Hey … I have a question … if I press customize on customize gray instead of black …? why … (in the girl too) I have just taken the script template episode has provided: C

If you check the template’s coding and look at the choice to change into the “black” color, it actually changes it to “Charcoal”

ahh thanks!

what can I write down? (but it has to be above the overlays)

Place her offscreen first with the layer, then have her walk to that spot.

@BELLA spot 1.015 xxx 109 in zone 2 at layer 11
@BELLA walks to spot 1.015 73 109

Change xxx to a number that is offscreen.

Im trying to do a dressing game but it says unexpected STRING. that my dialog:

    TEEN RAVEN (think)

(which one should i wear?)

@TEEN RAVEN walks to upscreen left in zone 3
@TEEN RAVEN changes into HOT


@TEEN RAVEN walks to upscreen left in zone 3


@TEEN RAVEN walks to upscreen left in zone 3
@TEEN RAVEN changes into CASUAL

    TEEN RAVEN (think)

(Is this what I wnat?)


“Duhh!” {

    TEEN RAVEN (blow_kiss)

(this is great!)

“Let me see the others.”{

goto dressing_game


it say unexpected STRING in the first option plz help

Remove the @'s that are in front of the words choice and remove the bracket thats right under choice. Then remove the whole empty line between choice and the first choice options. They needs to be immediately after the word choice like this:


"Duhh!" {

i done it. the error dissapeared but then this one appear

You need an end bracket on line 533 to close off the “casual” choice.


it worked! thank you so much you’re a life saver!

What do i need to writ that shes walk rear to the bed and do sit with legs up?

I can’t get them to kiss properly, he keeps kissing the wrong way

I want if she walks into her room that she is on the laptop but if she is sitting under her hands under the laptop layer … what should I write?
please write it down.
(overlay name is COMPUTER)

Just move her spot over to the right more so it looks like her hands are on the keyboard an not on the back of the laptop. So just move your character a little bit to the right.

okay so this might be a stupid question but uhhh this is my first attempt at even writing, what does one do???