SCRIPT ERRORS you just can't seem to fix!

Nevermind! I figured it out lol :blush:

…help? :joy:

You need to add the scale size when you use spot direction and use “does it while” when you want a character to walk while doing an animation

@/JESS walks to spot [scale] 44 -1 in 1 and JESS does it while stepback_scared_loop


what do I have to do (write) that I can lead the readers a make over (make hair and change lips color)?

There are hair and lipstick templates in the link in my profile

Oh thanks but I alredy done it on my way:kissing_heart:

Is it okay when I give you a credit on my story?
( I want youre template.)

Yes, the template already has a reader message at the very end that gives me credit.


I feel like I’m going crazy because I’ve looked at this 100 times and still can’t figure out what the error is :sweat_smile:

Gain names cannot have spaces, so change the spaces into underscores

Ive got a problem for the brackets after else. Ive tried everything and i don’t know what the matter is.

The error is for the “if” part so you’ll have to show the whole code

I need to see everything inside the “if (OLIVANDER)” that starts on line 782

Also I’m a bit confused by your script? You have 2 “if (OLIVANDER)” right after each other and you’re using all if’s when you should be using if, elif, and else

Whoops I just corrected the if(OLIVANDER) I’ll send the new script which is quite long sorry :laughing:

Some where in there you have “screenMessage” when it should be “readerMessage”

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Haha tysm :joy: Sorry bout all that!

Im not sure if this is a script error as it is not shown on the left side but how do we fix this?:

Is this because of such a long line of code? Or is it something else?

I have a question, so I have given a possibility to decide their looks. But if I choose a different background comes directly the old pajamas look: c?