SCRIPT ERRORS you just can't seem to fix!

Now I have another problem. :frowning: I want to make editing one of the characters a choice for the readers but I don’t know the proper format. And when the options “Yes” or “No” appear and a reader chooses “No”, I still want the readers to have a chance to go back to the first option that asks if they would like to customize the character just in case they change their minds.

Hi! Sorry for the late reply, I was a bit busy.

Hi, I have a problem:


Could you please try to solve this?


No, I added them before I knew it, it said error


Do you want to customize your character?

“Yes” {
goto first_label_of_template

} “No” {
Are you sure?
“Yes I’m sure” {
goto after_template
} “Actually I do want to customize!” {
goto first_label_of_template

[template goes here]

label after_template

[story continues here]

The format CHARACTER (animation) is used only for dialogue. If you want your characters to do an animation without talking, the command is @CHARACTER is animation

You need to use that format after they enter the scene. Also you should read up on the Guides to learn basic directing.

This whole thread is run by me and I make sure all replies are resolved. If there is a reply that I have not helped then they have already received help on a different thread for the same issue.

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Thank you so much <3 It works now

I still need help


Did you fix those errors the way I said to fix them? Have you read the guides yet to learn basic directing?

I incorporated the template but now it is saying the the label “first_label_of_template” and “boy_custom_1” (from the male customization template) does not exist.

first_label_of_template is suppose to be the first label of the template which is suppose to be “boy_custom_1” and it looks like you didn’t fix the problem you had with the “boy_custom_1” label not existing:

Ok thank you. I have fixed that part now but it still says that the label “first_label_of_template” does not exist.

So replace first_label_of_template with boy_custom_1

This is what I am seeing

I have another problem now. Sorry if I am bothering you. After the male character is customized, instead of starting the story where it was left off, it goes to very beginning of the story. But, if the choice to not customize the male character is clicked, there is no problem and the story starts off where it was left off.

In the “yes, he looks perfect” choice, there is a “goto story_start”. Replace “story_start” with “after_template” so that it’s goto after_template