SCRIPT ERRORS you just can't seem to fix!

Can anyone figure out why this part of the script is giving me an error?

@zoom on 431 181 to 224% in 2

LILLIAN is (talk_handsonhips)

I am loving this new tranq gun. (this part is the error)

@NOAH is nod_loop

You don’t need to use the “enters from” command. You can place him in the scene just by using this:

@CHARACTER stands screen [position] in zone #

Remove that “is” between the character name and the animation.

Dialogue should just look like this:

CHARACTER (animation)

oh my goodness thank you so much for all of your help you are a lifesaver :slight_smile:

Hi there! I tried editing one of my choices and now I’m getting this error code above my previewer.

I’m not seeing any errors in your script so far. Does that preview error message start at that choice?

I’ve seen quite a few people talking about getting that same error above their previewer. I think it’s a glitch, not you. Hopefully they fix it soon!

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Hi I have kind of a funny question- after a bunch of my character animations there seems to be funny pauses a lot of the time. For example, after a punch_jab, there is always a slight pause. Is there any way to fix this?

The punch animations happen so quickly so there’s a slight pause at the end of the animation to make the animation a full beat (1 second).

If you don’t want that pause and want the next punch to happen immediately, use the & sign and pause for less than a second.

&CHARACTER is punch_jab
@pause for 0.7
@CHARACTER is punch_jab

thank you very much!

Yes it’s right before the choice pops up. I tried editing it beforehand and that’s when the error popped up. I changed it back to how I had it before and the error is still there. Someone below said it’s maybe a glitch. Do you know if those usually fix themselves?

Another question lol- I believe this has to do with layers- how do you get someone to appear in front of someone instead of behind? I have a character who’s legs appear behind a character that is lying on the floor- how can I fix this?

Sometimes it’s a glitch and sometimes it’s a tiny error in your script that you have to look super closely for.

The person in front needs to have a higher layer number than the person behind them. There are 2 ways to layer characters:

@CHARACTER spot % x y in zone # at layer #
@CHARACTER moves to layer #

hey does anyone know how to keep a character sitting and have them do different behaviours? even if i choose sit_laugh the character still stands up

Is the character actually standing up when you use “sit_laugh” or do they just slightly move higher or lower when that action plays? Sometimes you just have to reposition characters for certain sitting animations.

they completely stand up when I put in sit_laugh and don’t do the animation

Can you post a screenshot of you script for this part?

@LILLIAN walks to spot 0.614 251 236 AND LILLIAN is run_athletic

@LILLIAN is sit AND LILLIAN faces left

@NOAH enters from left to screen left

    NOAH (talk_exclaim_yes)
Made it.

@speechbubble is 168 204 to 100% with tail_top_right

    LILLIAN (sit_laugh_giggle)
Sit down you idiot the plane is taking off.

lol idk why but it just fixed itself-maybe it was something before- anyways thanks for your help!