Script glitch? (help it's for my adventurous entry)

So I am trying to make PRUDENCE run to a spot in zone 2 whilst the camera is panning so she can unlock a door but the episode portal is being glitchy and making her walk to zone 1?


@transition shade up black

@PRUDENCE enters from left to spot 0.694 212 236 AND PRUDENCE is run_fall AND PRUDENCE faces right

    PRUDENCE (idle_fallen)
(Ouch, Why can't I be less clumsy like Paisley is?)

@PRUDENCE is stand_up

@PRUDENCE is dustoff_loop

@pan to zone 2 AND PRUDENCE walks to spot 0.250 95 376 AND PRUDENCE is run_jog AND PRUDENCE faces right

@PRUDENCE is tinker_loop_rear AND PRUDENCE faces left

@transition fade out black

AND PRUDENCE walks to spot 0.250 95 376 in zone 2

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&pan to zone 2 in 2
@PRUDENCE walks to spot .25 415 376 in 2 AND PRUDENCE does it while run_jog
@PRUDENCE faces left AND PRUDENCE is tinker_loop_rear

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