SCRIPT HELP - advanced work with overlays

Hey guys,

I am working on my first story and I need help with my script.
The scene demands multiple duplicate overlays moving simultaneously at different layers while having a narration over it with some characters. I tried to do it on my own and I read @Dara.Amarie ´s guides on overlays, but I can´t get it right. So if anyone could help me with the scene I would be very very grateful :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Something like this


&overlay [OVERLAY_NAME] shifts to X Y in %
&overlay [OVERLAY_NAME]2 shifts to X Y in %
&overlay [OVERLAY_NAME]3 shifts to X Y in %
&overlay [OVERLAY_NAME]4 shifts to X Y in %
&overlay [OVERLAY_NAME]5 shifts to X Y in %
&overlay [OVERLAY_NAME]6 shifts to X Y in %


I think this works. Just replace [OVERLAY_NAME], X, Y and % with the names of the overlays the place they’re going to shift to and the time they’re going to take doing it. To explain on a more simple way, when moving your overlays you just need to use & instead of @ and write the dialogue after.

I hope I helped! :smiley:

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Hey, thanks for that! :blush:
The problem is that, that some of the overlays are body parts so e.g. a hand is putting something on a specific place and then going back. At the same time, maybe a sec later, from another angle another hand overlay is supposed to place another thing on a specific place so the layers have to match, the spot direction of the object, the duplicates of the arms, the spot direction of the overlay and in the end, the narration :smiley: and that´s too much for a beginner (with undoubtedly a tad too much demands)

&overlay [OVERLAY_NAME] shifts to X Y in #
&overlay [OVERLAY_NAME]2 shifts to X Y in #
&overlay [OVERLAY_NAME]3 shifts to X Y in #
&overlay [OVERLAY_NAME]4 shifts to X Y in #


So where’s the # input the time how long they have to move there. I think that should work, but I haven’t tried it myself. I hadn’t had the need to do so… So put for the first one like 1 and second one 1.5 in the # place… I’m honestly not completly sure about this.

Hi I dont call myself an expert but I have in my story some limbs animations so I can try to help you. But for this I will neeed our script background and overlays and more detailed info what should the result look like. :smiley:
PM me if you want.

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yay! i will PM you all the deets right away

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