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This keeps bothering me. Got someone know what’s the problem here?

(What should I do now?)

“Apologize to her” {

&zoom on 0 435 to 100% in 2


&AVERY is talk_unsure

raederMessage | bold , color:green |Avery +1

@speechbubble is 142 261 to 100% with tail_top_right

I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scold him.

&LIAM is talk_exhausted AND AVERY is idle_awkward_scratch_loop

@speechbubble is 169 278 to 100% with tail_top_left

Never mind. It's understandable.

} “Stay silent” {

&zoom on 0 435 to 100% in 2


The Error:
There is a { on line 19638 that does not have a matching }

this is what is the problem. you cant use text effect on reader message’s

also aditinel suggestion . maybe dont use talk animation when they are not talking, like you have done here

it looks weird their mouth move when they dont talk

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Tysm :sob: I solved it :sparkles: :blob_hearts:

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You can use text effect on reader message. You’re getting an error because you spelled “readerMessage” wrongly.

readerMessage | bold , color:green |Avery +1

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Oh no wonder :sweat_smile: and tysm :sob::heart:

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