Script help/ Errors fixing here! (If you need help)

Okay, this is probably stupid but -

@transition fade out black 1
@remove Sheet Paper White from LEORA and LEORA spot 0.668 280 389 and LEORA is sleep_lay_uncomfortable_loop
@overlay 5587259392983040_BLANKET 3 shifts to 87 159 in zone 1
@overlay 5587259392983040_BLANKET 3 scales to 0.620 0.620
@transition fade in black 1

At the moment it fades out, then suddenly shows Leora lying down, then awkwardly fades in on her again after the blanket appears. How can I get it to fade in after everything is set up?

at the end of the code, u used @transition fade in 1, thats why its fading in twice.

I need help my characters on the same side and I don’t how to move it can you help

the characters have to be facing two different ways

for example:
@//CHARACTER1 stands screen left AND faces left

@//CHARACTER2 stands screen right AND faces right

((without the / ))