Script help lmao

idk if this is in the right category but

how do you that thing where the screen follows the character in a certain place? like for ex, those scenes where it only shows them running but it also follow them ykk

@/follow CHARACTER to (screen left) in zone _

Just change (screen left) to a position and don’t put the / lmao

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thanks babs but how abt the zoom like how do u set it to that certain spot

Do you mean spot zooming?

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yes sorry im dumb lmao

You have to use the preview screen or the app, go to directing and then to zoom.
Adjust the zoom to your preference and then put

@/zoom to ___% on _________ in (seconds)

The spaces you need to fill are the numbers that will be at the bottom of the preview thing, if you want it to cut just put seconds as 0

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thank uuu :pleading_face:

You’re welcome :smile:

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