Script Help Please. It's looks right by Char won't remember anything

I used gain and later the CHAR says the same thing no matter what choice I choose. Here is a shot of the gains and the if/elif/else.

and here is the where she can’t remember anything.
My whole story I’ve been remembering choices so I’m baffled and I have no errors. Anyone that can help I’d appreciate it.

The way your dressing game is formatted, if readers were to go back and try on a different outfit, then they gain all of those gains which is most likely why your if/elif/else isn’t working. If you want to use gains for a dressing game, you have to put a confirmation choice inside each outfit choice with the flag inside the “yes” option.

Thank you Dara. I noticed that if I didn’t look at other options and just made one selection she would say what I needed her to say. But I knew the reader would want to look at all choices before deciding. Thanks for helping me with this.

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