Script help ! please

So I cant continue writing because theres an error which i thought i fixed ages ago. Until I have a script helper can someone tell me what’s wrong because Episode’s guide isnt helpful

it says : that i forgot to bracket or capitalize a name but I don’t know what’s wrong

My plan is foiled by the mighty Zagan.

@ZEGAN is eyeroll_sarcastic

&ZEGAN is talk_apathetic

So what are you doing in this part of Kore?

I'm sure you're wondering what Kore is. I'll tell you later, all you need to knwow it's my home for as long as I can remember. 

@KAMERON (talk_flirt_coy)
That isn’t the right tone to talk to your boyfriend.

It’s not @KAMERON (talk_flirt_coy)

It’s apposed it be

   KAMERON (talk_flirt_coy)
 Dialog here.

AH! i was wondefring if it was that but i never trid to change it, thank you!

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Np :wilted_flower:

oh if your’e still up to help script writing too that would be helpful!

Ya I can help, I just don’t know how to work emails that well lol. If you can PM I can help :wilted_flower: