Script help plsssssssssssss

Does anyone know why when I use | it doesn’t appear In preview or in the app? I’ve seen it used other stories so I don’t know want I am doing.

If you’re setting up name input or a type in choice, then you cannot preview it in the portal. Instead, you’ll have to preview in the app.

no, I’m trying to use | as spaces, not inputs.

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I don’t think you need to add them as spaces. U also try to use commas if you want. Are you trying to do a phone conversation?

nvm got confused.

That’s the symbol you use for text effects. That’s why you’re getting those warnings and that’s why those symbols and everything in between aren’t showing up in the preview. I don’t think you’re able to use those symbols because the script is just going to keep thinking you’re trying to do a text effect.


You can only use the pipe symbol | once per line, otherwise it will try to interpret anything in-between two of them as code.

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