Script help plz

Hi does anybody know how to get the characters to enter the same room at the same time and then start talking to each other

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&CHARACTER1 enters from left to screen center
@CHARACTER 2 enters from left to screen center and faces left
@CHARACTER1 is animation and CHARACTER2 is animation

I’m not 100 percent surre though, I’m gonna test it

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Yes it work thank u

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No problem ((: I just edited it and this one is slightly improved, so that they face each other.

Ya thanks

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You can also use the THEN command.

Thank u

Does anyone know how to get a character to already be in the Sean when the other characters enter

Just place the character directly under your background, without any kind of coding before it.

Ok thanks

@YOU enters from right to screen center in zone 2

anyone know why it’t giving me an error?