Script help wanted lol [SOLVED]

It’s been a while :laughing: I need help. I’m pretty sure I have it right but it could be wrong. The said character that is unexpected is the girl with pink hair which she clearly shows up when viewing in the portal and on the app.

Excuse my grammar if there’s any in the screenshot my iPad doesn’t have the autocorrect on :sweat_smile:

Aha nvm I saw my mistake :skull: I forget to add the brackets :upside_down_face:

Glad you figured it out :stuck_out_tongue: wondering tho do u code all ur chapters on iPad?

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Sometimes I do when I’m too lazy to wait for the whole desktop setup to load which is about like 3 mins, downside to coding on the IPad I can’t spot direct :melting_face: I have to spot direct on the app while coding so pretty much do play by play.

But I code on both desktop and IPad

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Woahh, Even doing speech etc is a flex

Aha yeah it can get annoying pretty quickly too :laughing:. I learned to be patient with it

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