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I have a question for anyone that can please help me. During an episode, when the reader chooses an outfit. When you give them options in an episode to choose between outfits and they choose one for the rest of the episode. When they move on to the next episode, do they stay in the outfit they chose in the previous one or do they switch to default? @Apes @Dara.Amarie

Once they choose the outfit in the first scene, the character stays in that outfit until the next scene when you want to change the character outfit by choice.

Thank you for responding but when they chose that outfit, I know they stay in it for the rest of the episode but when they finish that episode and move onto the next episode, will they start that episode in the outfit they had chosen in previous one or will they start out the next episode in that characters default outfit? I’m trying my best to word this good haha


If you preview it on your phone you will see.

But, still hear from @Dara.Amarie and @Apes, on their answer.

The character will stay in the chosen outfit until it is next changed. Characters will be in their default outfits on the web preview and the app will show the character in the last outfit that was chosen. When a reader is reading your story, the outfits only change when you write it in the script or in a dress game. So, outfits will not change in the next episode :slight_smile:

Thank you very much! I appreciate your help

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Yes, the character will stay in the same outfit in-between episodes.
You will be able to see that the character is in the same outfit on the Moblie Previewer but the Web Previewer will put it on the default outfit in new episodes.

Hope this helps.


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