Script not updating on the app correctly

Hi Everyone does anyone else have problem with sounds/music not playing in the app it works perfectly in the web previewer but but not the app and support are just running me round in circles and not actually taking any notice of what I’m saying ie refresh your browser and clear cookies Hello it’s for an app issue
here is how the scripts written

@YOUNG JESSIE enters from left to screen center and YOUNG JESSIE is run_athletic_neutral_loop
@YOUNG JESSIE faces left and YOUNG JESSIE starts idle_terrified_loop
sound door_bang
@pause for 3
@DAD spot 1.280 -92 12 in zone 1
| bold | Open the door!
sound door_bang
@pause for a beat
@DAD spot 1.280 -92 12 in zone 1
@speechbubble is 110 268 to 100% with tail_top_left
| bold | Open this door now girl
sound door_bang
@speechbubble is 120 296 to 100% with tail_top_right
(He’s been drinking again, I need to get out of here.)
@transition fade out black 2

out of all the door bang sounds the only one you hear is the first

any help would be appreciated if anyone knows a fix or spots an error the portal didn’t catch.

Happens to me too. Maybe try adding sound off after the @pause for a beat

Yes thank you so much that worked :hearts:

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