Script not working (PLEASE HELP)

I’ve been trying to continue my story for a long time now, but the script would just not load. I’ve tried using a different device. I’ve also cleared my browser, but it’s still not working. I’ve also tried refreshing many times. please help.

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I don’t think it’s making a difference, if you haven’t opened the script for a long time. Maybe try waiting a bit longer or check your internet connection (Because the picture shows, that the website itself hasn’t fully loaded yet)

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Try to re-load / log out and log in again (From the same Gmail)

It happened with me many times But then it logged out automatically (I don’t know how)
I thought I lost my story progress! ( I was really sad)
But after I logged in everything was the same!! :slightly_smiling_face:

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my internet is working fine. even if it is fully loaded, the script won’t load. perhaps it’s because I haven’t opened it for a long time.

I have tried logging out + creating a different account as well, but the script is still not loading.

I mean haven’t you logged in from the same Gmail?

Yes, I have tried that.

How to File a Support Ticket


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We would love to help you! You can ask our support for just about anything and they will do their best to help you. When filling out the request form, please do your best to fill out all of the fields - they help us help you faster!

If you don’t know your Support ID you can learn how to find it HERE. If you aren’t able to get into the app to find it thats okay! You can still send a request, just write “I don’t know” in that space.

If you are trying to report bullying, harassment or inappropriate content in a story you can help us a lot by including as much info as possible. Things like screenshots of mean or harassing comments (with account names), story titles, problematic scenes… the more we know the faster our team can work!

Please click here to contact our Support Team!

(click the link and send a support ticket, explain your problem )