Script preview works But not phone previewer

My coding should be fine But it looks weird on the app previewer and it’s Annoying me. I can’t show the coding atm. Does anyone know if it’s Just a glitch? The overlays are rotating and it starts from the bottom for some reason. It works on the script previewer and as I mentioned the script should be fine.

It’s bugging me so Much! I can show the script later if needed. If it’s A glitch is there a way to fix it?
The anchor point is 0.5 0.5 and I used the shift command to prevent this from happening But My app previewer messed it up.

It’s most likely a glitch tbh, this happens to me quite often when using overlays and then previewing it on the app. If you’d like, I could see your script, to see if there are any coding errors.

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I’ll send you the script

Alright :+1:t2:

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Oh, I see what’s happening, okay so, your script is confused because there are so many things happening at once, you need to put “@pause for 0” or something else in between, that’s why it’s being glitchy.

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Oh okay! Tysm! I’ll try that later, hoping it Will Help.

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Np! Happy to help!

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How many Times do I need to put pause for 0?

It still doesn’t work

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