Script problem following trough zones

They have to go from zone 2 to zone 1 but I don’t see them walking through the spots and she walks rear and i haven’t asked that?

&follow ANNEKE to upscreen left in zone 1 in 6
&follow NIELS to screen left in zone 1 in 6


You can’t use the follow command when you spot direct them

ho do i need to do it then…

&zoom to spot
&Character walks to spot
@character2 walks to spot

@amberose there is something not ok with my script I take a video but I can’t post it here.
Anneke & Niels need to go through the zones to zone 1

Sabine & Jessica need to arrive at the parking spot just a little later to see them go away.
They want to go after them I did give in the same spots but they arrive at a different spot so I thought ok let them say something like lets observer them from here.
But while Anneke & Niels are walking Jessica and Sabine are already starting to talk and that is not how it is supposed to be. May I send you the little video and the script if you give me your e-mail.
i don’t understand it, you can change the script.



Did you specify the zones for Sabine and Jessica? Sound like it could be that


i used even the same places as anneke and Niels because that was the intention, it sworks no.

i can’t go further now…

Send it to me tomorrow I will take a look

That is to late dear it is just a little script but i can’t go further with writhing if it is not solved xxxx

@Jeremy this can be closed, will open a new one thanks :sleepy:

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Well sorry but I have to sleep

It is not a problem my dear i understand we live in different time zones. xxx

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You got it!