Script shows no error but preview is being weird?

The script is MEANT to be that she’s just fell and is is “drowning” in the stormy ocean but its being very glitchy?


EXT.CB02 with effect HARD RAIN

&cut to zone 2
music off
music music_melancholy
&CREWMATE TWO spot 0.479 108 392 in zone 2 AND CREWMATE TWO is idle_shiver_cold_loop AND CREWMATE TWO moves to layer 0 AND CREWMATE TWO faces right
&CREWMATE ONE spot 0.326 58 506 in zone 2 AND CREWMATE ONE is callout_neutral AND CREWMATE ONE moves to layer -2 AND CREWMATE ONE faces right
&overlay LADDER create
&overlay LADDER shifts to 125 69 in zone 2
&overlay LADDER scales to 0.712 0.712
&overlay LADDER opacity 0
&overlay LADDER to layer 2
&overlay BOAT create
&overlay BOAT shifts to 0 2 in zone 1
&overlay BOAT scales to 1.000 1.000
&overlay BOAT opacity 1
&overlay BOAT to layer 1
&overlay OCEAN WATER create
&overlay OCEAN WATER shifts to -2 9 in zone 1
&overlay OCEAN WATER scales to 1.000 1.000
&overlay OCEAN WATER opacity 1
&overlay OCEAN WATER to layer 7
&overlay CROWS NEST create
&overlay CROWS NEST shifts to 0 0 in zone 1
&overlay CROWS NEST scales to 1.000 1.000
&overlay CROWS NEST opacity 1
&overlay CROWS NEST to layer -1
&overlay LIGHTNING create
&overlay LIGHTNING shifts to 240 43 in zone 2
&overlay LIGHTNING scales to 5.176 5.176
&overlay LIGHTNING opacity 1
&overlay LIGHTNING to layer 7
@zoom on 496 389 to 493% in 0
&MC spot -0.322 110 672 in zone 2 AND MC is fall
@transition fade in white in 0.2
sound thunderclap
@overlay LIGHTNING opacity 0.5 in 0.2
@overlay LIGHTNING opacity 1 in 0.2
@overlay LIGHTNING opacity 0 in 0.1

&MC walks to spot -0.322 103 332 in zone 2 in 1 and MC is fall AND MC faces left AND MC moves to layer 5 AND CREWMATE TWO is talk_afraid AND CREWMATE ONE is idle_terrified_loop
@zoom on 496 389 to 103% in 0.5
sound body_splash
@transition fade out white in 0.1
@zoom on 438 389 to 559% in 0
@transition fade in white in 0.2
CREWMATE TWO (callout_neutral)

@transition fade out white in 0.2
@zoom on 496 389 to 103% in 0
@transition fade in white in 0.1
&MC spot 1.181 185 -369 in zone 2
@MC walks to spot 1.208 193 121 in zone 2 in 1.5 AND MC is idle_treadwater_worried_loop AND MC faces left
@pause for a beat
&MC spot 1.208 185 -171 in zone 2
MC (cough)
(What the hell?!)

&MC spot 1.208 193 121 in zone 2
MC (idle_treadwater_sad_loop)
(Where am I?)

    MC (talk_treadwater_worried)
(Wait! There's a ship!)

    MC (callout_drowning_panic)

@transition fade out white in 0.1
@zoom on 438 389 to 559% in 0
@transition fade in white in 0.2
CREWMATE TWO (callout_neutral)

@transition fade out white in 0.2
@zoom on 496 389 to 103% in 0
@transition fade in white in 0.1
@overlay LIGHTNING opacity 0.5 in 1
@overlay LIGHTNING opacity 1 in 1
@overlay LIGHTNING opacity 0 in 1
@MC is idle_treadwater_worried_loop AND CREWMATE TWO is tinker_kneel_neutral_loop
sound body_drop
@overlay LADDER opacity 1 in 2
@MC walks to spot 0.812 177 165 in zone 2 in 3 AND MC does it while idle_treadwater_worried_loop
@transition fade out white in 0.5

Overlays used / Background


Have you tested it on both the app and web previewer? :thinking:

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To get the app previewer I had to create a second and third chapter and hit enter till they reached 400 lines :pensive: just to be able to view it and it still acts up in the app previewer

Would you want me to send the story link so you can see what’s happening

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Yes please! :hushed:

Here is the link Its first chapter only The script I sent through starts around the second scene where it acts up,.

Okay, I’ll take a look at it and get back to you.

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Okay, so I tested it and I don’t see anything apart from the stormy background, rain and dialogue. I don’t see any characters nor the ship. :thinking:

yeah thats the issue thats happening, but ive played through it in the past like literally maybe 2 days ago and it was FINE- and i’ve NOT touched that section of the script. .3.