Script Size limit?

Hey! just as the title says. I’ve found some old threads covering this, saying the script limit is 20k lines? Is this correct?

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It depends what’s in your script. If the majority of those lines are customization templates, you could go well over 50k and your script should be fine. If your script is pure branching then the limit is probably around 20-25k, give or take (but I’m not positive as I’ve never hit it).


Thank you!

No problem. What you should check is the memory tool on the portal previewer. If it’s green your script is fine. If it’s yellow it’ll lag for some readers, and if it’s red it’ll lag/crash for most/all readers.

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Where is the memory tool?

Super helpful, I didnt even know about it!

interested in knowing why that is diffrent, does it not count CC as lines maybe?

wait that is what it is, I had no idea.

CC takes up so many lines because there are tons of cc options, but the actual changes don’t take up a ton of memory. It’s when you make the script work to remember things that makes the memory start going red.

This is the memory tool, it’s only available on the web previewer:

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