Script 'Spelling errors' Options?


Hey there!
I’m just gonna cut to the chase- So me and my friend @KHartley were talking about the script ‘spelling mistakes’ (we’re both British) so words like ‘colour’ and ‘color’ were being underlined…
Wouldn’t it be great it we could choose our version of English? Or if we could just disable it! As honestly it has me looking up to make sure if I’ve spelt things the way we do over here :joy:
I know it isn’t a massive thing… and I’m not terribly sure how many people from the UK actually use episode.
But hey! We do so I thought I’d start a thread :slight_smile:


Oh my gosh! What an amazing idea :wink: it does annoy me that I always check for spelling mistakes just to find out that it’s because my English isn’t Americanised. I don’t like the fact that I always miss one or two mistakes because I am just silently raging and get pulled up on my spelling errors by my readers. Or even if I leave them be and I get questions asking why I spelt things like colour wrong.


There’s a similar feature here- be sure to support it so we can hopefully see it happen ^-^


Awesome! Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi! This suggestion is actually covered in the thread @Lady-Mehek shared so feel free to lend your support and input there, thanks! :slight_smile: