SCRIPT spot directing help!

No matter how many time i put the character on the bed and i copy and paste the spot then save it, the character is always off the bed and when i go to spot directing it says the spot that i want it to be in but its not actually in the spot ,like i said , it was off the bed. is this some sort of lag or their something i have to do in my script for it to be in the spot i want.

If you guys can help me out id want you to try the scipt that im about to show you , with the background i used and see if it works for you and if the character is on or off the bed.

@transition fade in black 3

Meanwhile in the same night....

@zoom on 180 414 to 107% in 0

@ZAIN changes into ZAIN_sleep
&ZAIN spot 0.983 192 338 and ZAIN is sleep_lay_uncomfortable_loop

@transition fade in black 3
Here is the background i used (its night time). Upload this background and type the name INT. BED in it and see if this works for you ?

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&ZAIN spot 0.983 192 338in zone 1 and ZAIN faces left and ZAIN is sleep_lay_uncomfortable_loop

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you forgot to add the zone - the coordinates are actually in zone 2 but when you do not write it, it will automatically be in zone 1

&ZAIN spot 0.983 192 338 in zone 2 and ZAIN is sleep_lay_uncomfortable_loop

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O my gawd i cant believe i didnt realize that :sweat_smile: thankyou :heart:

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