Script template character customization Limelight female


Hi, when I put a script template for female customization in limelight, it never work. It always says that all the eyebrows are not “really existing” (when they are) and wth the skin it’s the same thing. Can someone send me a good script template or explain me what i’m doing wrong?

Thank you


You need to change the name to your character’s name.


It doesn’t work , it really says that all of the eyebrows choices doesn’t work


You either misspelled your character’s name or you did not create a character named “CHARACTER1”

That error message only pops up when the system does not recognize the character name.


So I have to change all the “CHARACTER1” for the name that i gave to the character?


Yes. If your character’s script name is “ASHLEY”, you need to change every single “CHARACTER1” into “ASHLEY”

To do that, highlight CHARACTER1. Then press ctrl + F on your keyboard (cmmd + F for macs). A box will pop up. Click on ALL. Then type in your character’s name in all caps.


well this is going to be long… Thank you very much by the way :slight_smile:


I have a cuestion I allready did all the prosses but at time to customize how do I move the narrator ??


Another cuestion if I allready use the name of character1 and I want the peolpe to customize another caracter how do i name that character???


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