Script Template for Royal Banquet

Hello! I need a script template for a royal banquet scene, where they’re in mourning of a passed general officer. So people can’t be dancing or laughing, just talking generally.

I need the template for the background INT. THE HAMILL BALLROOM - NIGHT

I’ll absolutely give you credit!

P.S- I hope it can be made ASAP, cuz I’m in a bit of a hurry…


How many characters do u need in it ?

I can make it for you I just need to know the character count and if you want any specific details in it . Also if it’s in LL or INK

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umm well, I haven’t really thought that out…
but maybe 12-15 people in total? spread across the 3 zones?
and it’s LL


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Sure when do you need it by ?

akdjsks as soon as possible plsss

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Alright , I’ll pm it to you.

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