Script Template in Writer Portal

Hi I have noticed I don;t have a lot of script templates, especially the ones that the Guides Tab shows. I really wanted to crowd template. Anyone know what I can do to fix it please

If you are using ink I would recommend the party template as a base and make changes like that. That is what I do. It’s great for crowds.

INK or LL?

@mavis has some spot templates in her drive (free to use but credit is required)

I think most of them cater to INK, but they should be fine for LL too (you may need to tweak some things as the females come out bigger than hte males in LL)

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Thanks but I am using Limelight

Limelight, thanks

As @EliseC said, I have spot templates in my Linktree on IG. Most of them are in INK, but are easy convertible. I do have some LL templates up already as well. :slight_smile: