Script Template, jumping in window!

If you don’t want to credit me through the Reader Message command, please credit me somehow! This scene is for my upcoming story called: Mindset! However, I thought this would be cool to share with you guys! So here is the jumping through a window script template!

INT. TEEN SISTER’S BEDROOM - DAY with TEEN BEDROOM WINDOW - DAY to 1.000 -641 4 at layer 3 in zone 3 with BED TEEN SISTERS DAY to 1.000 -328 2 at layer 3 in zone 3

readerMessage Credit to: @jayden.j_authorofficial on ig!

@cut to zone 3 AND overlay TEEN BEDROOM WINDOW - DAY opacity 0.6 in 0 AND CHARACTER spot 0.632 78 206 AND CHARACTER moves to layer 1 AND zoom on 640 353 to 135% in 0 AND CHARACTER faces left AND CHARACTER is react_holdface_happy THEN CHARACTER walks to spot 0.632 77 286 in zone 3 in 4 AND CHARACTER is react_holdface_happy
&CHARACTER is jump_happy_loop
@pause for 0.5
&overlay TEEN BEDROOM WINDOW moves to layer 5 AND CHARACTER moves to layer 6 AND overlay BED TEEN SISTERS DAY moves to layer 7
@pause for 0.2
@CHARACTER is talk_greet_neutral


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