Script template limelight and INK, (you can ask for them)

Hey, um, if some one has script template,(not customization),for stories in limelight and ink, if some one needs one just ask here, I already have in a car, karaoke roof top, basketball court, in a halloween party and in a school hallway, so if you need one of those here is a document so you can find them.

Hope this helps. :innocent: :hugs: :star_struck: :blush: :innocent:


Please if some one has at least one that can help send it here, or ask for one here

at least :pleading_face:

What kind of templates you got😏

im tht someone :smirk:


ok so I got one in a rooftop party club and in a basket ball court.

this is the one in the roof top
Captura de Pantalla 2021-05-31 a la(s) 9.47.29 a. m.

And this is the one in the basketball court
Captura de Pantalla 2021-05-31 a la(s) 10.00.29 a. m.

I know It doesn’t look preatty good, but I tried taking the screen shot, they are with my charcters, but in the document there are the originals so you can change the names

But I only have the ink one of the rooftop party club

It is also in the document

those are the 2 that I have I hope that it helps in any scene

Heres one tht u needed

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Hey I need one in a dinning table, in here is the image of the background, and with only 4 characters feel free to make them do what ever you want, and with the overlay named “TABLE ITALIAN” it is an original episode overlay, here is the name of the background “INT. BBG HOUSE PARTY - NIGHT” it is also an orginal episode background.

Thanks @Gargamel

I’m going to DM you about this.

Thanks mine is @Sarihs_episode

I’m doing new tamplates all the time, well obveusly when I’m not writing, but still if you need one and it doesn’t appear in the document atached, pls dm to my ig to help you with it, my ig is @sarihs_episode, bye.

bye have a good day/night

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