Script Template missing all choices ! Please Help!

I am creating my first story in the limelight format and would like to create a university canvas with numerous random people hanging out or doing something on the University quad. When I selected the “Script Templates” to select crowds… the “crowds” did not exist. Do I have to create each individual person in order to insert them into the story? Are templates missing from my choices? Or does the script template only work in creating new customizable characters? This is incredibly frustrating . Please help!!!

Yes you have. people only show if you made them. the script can make them for you. but still another charatere for your story

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So I have to make all of the characters that I would like to see on the screen from scratch???


Okay… thank you. Actually… I discovered that if I type in a random name, a pop up asks me if I want to create another random character. So, I am now making up names and letting them create a random person. Thank you for your help!!!

Yeah it does that too. thought I had written that but I did not do it well

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