Script Template Needed - CROWD WATCHING FIGHT


Could anybody make me a script template in three zones of a crowd watching an underground fight? I only need the directing, I can add text if I want it in. Or if anybody knows anyone who has one, could you please tag them?

Full credit will be given❤️


ahh I thought someone had made one for you cause I desperately need one! I would suggest making it yourself if you can’t find one on here :smile:

I can do it for you - but I neeed the bvackground you are going to use and overlays if you have some where characters should be behind the overlay.

Also I need to know:
How many characters approx do you want to be there?

man and woman 50 /50 or you want only man (or it doesnt matter)

Should I just place them with idle animation (and you add the animations by yourself) or do you want them animated in different idle poses.

Should some not be watching - for example couple talking or all should be looking to the fight scene?

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