Script template required

Background created by @FlowerGriefer
I need script template for this background its an office reception…
Glad if anyone could help
Please keep in mind that Mc will enter from left to the reception desk

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I can help you love
Dm me in my IG about the no. of characters and other details
IG-_angryybirdd _

Be sure to credit @FlowerGriefer for creating it.


Yeah i know it i have taken it from her, i will credit her :slight_smile:


Can i message u over here personally?

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Just be careful when posting backgrounds online and asking for script templates.

If you are allowed to post the person’s background and you do, mention it was created by them (so it’s better to give credit than no credit even if you’re just posting it in a thread).

Example post:
I would like a script template.
Insert Background here.
Background created by…

Some people won’t allow you to post their backgrounds though, always read their terms of use. You should edit your post and say the background is created by FlowerGriefer :two_hearts:


Oh ok thankyou :heart: Im sorry i dont know about it alot. Thanks for informing :slightly_smiling_face:

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