Script Template Thread!

Hey guys, so this is a thread where you can find TONS of script templates and request them. Please keep in mind if you are requesting a script temp, please be specific or no one will understand what you’re asking for.

  • Be specific
  • If you’re not using an episode background send the background here for proper coding
  • If there is something wrong with your template and you can’t seem to fix it ask for help DO NOT get frustrated at the creator.
  • Coding doesn’t take 30 seconds

These are some websites to some templates



Those are the only site I know loll. Now I welcome you to my Script Template Thread

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here you have a template thread too:)

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My instagram is full of script templates :slight_smile:


Says your page isn’t available.

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hmm, well here’s my linktree:


Hey is it okay if I use one of your script templates and will credit you