Script Template Trading With M .B

Hello world!

I’m Miss Barbie and I would like to make trades with people exchange of script template (s)
I have been coding (okay not gonna lie cause I have been lying some places :joy:) eight months
BUT I am very advanced.
Some masterpieces I have made :

  • Visual CC
  • Breakfast mini game where you can choose how to make and what you make (and so on)
  • Talk N Show (My name for my Perfecto mini game)

And Lot’s and Lot’s of more :blush:

So… I’m here to make trades with people

How to trade

  • You text me here if you want to trade with me
  • What do you want (I’m gonna make it for me I would like to get a surprise)
  • We will exchange items in PM
  • Time limit will be 1,5 week
  • No spot templates!!!

I’m so happy when I can trade with you guys :revolving_hearts:



I can exchange I make mini games. I have made four as of now. though I dont think one count since I mostly used Joseph Evans stuff.


I’d love to trade with you !
What do you want? I am going to make it

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let me think for a sec

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I can trade script templates. Don’t want any, now, though… But, I’ll be happy to help :slight_smile:

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