Script Template WORKSHOP



Is there just template that you just can’t create by yourself? Ask them here and I will gladly create a template, Both Ink and limelight , I just need the following information below.

-The Background/Overlay
-How many characters
-How you want it to look like
-Sounds or music included (optional)

Any use of non-episode overlay or background, you can either give me the image or just tell me the image you want and I will include the overlay/background and the name of the overlay/background. For more information please DM me in my I.G @Davidcrvz



i am in desparate need of some major help with the coding and general scripting my instagram is jennifer.gilliland2 or Nina_2369_ please help


What type of coding are you having trouble with?


All of it I can’t seem to get a handle on any of it


I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it, if you need any help with this type of coding I suggest you watch joseph evans tutorials or learn more in the forum :grin:


I will do that this evening. One more question since I’m having such a hard time would ink spotlight be easier for me


That depends, if you do a CC template than it will be hard, but if you don’t then I guess is easier


Ty. I’m gonna give both styles a shot