Script template

Is the script template available for limelight

A script template for what in Limelight? Please provide more details. :slight_smile:

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When two characters are engaged in a kiss or conversation. I’m not seeing that options available with limelight.

LL oesn’t seem to have any official templates (as of now) like INK has, but I’m sure you can find some if you search the forum.
Or if you feel up to it, use the one’s from INK to build your own by just changing the animations.
Good luck.


I figured it out. I had to add extra characters in order for the script template to display in the menu

You need to change the animations to limelight.

something like:


@ GIRL spot 1.3 160 0 AND GIRL faces right AND GIRL is admire


@ GIRL spot 1.3 160 0 AND GIRL faces right AND GIRL is admire_happy

the animation admire for ink is the admire_happy for limelight


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it works?

Hello, I need help with a car, car crash can someone please help me?

I’m trying to make the car be driving and then crash into a something, such as an animal.

Have you tried uploading an animal overlay and read some examples under the community forum in fAQs under writing and directing. I’m pretty sure it can help with overlaying effects

Yes, I have, Thanks for the help but I was hoping if anyone knew where I could get templates for that.

You can upload your own overlays and in the art catalog. And use advanced directing it can show you how to put it all together

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Thank you