Script Tester is a nightmare of bugs


Alright. I have been trying all weekend to get an episode done but with errors happening on my phone app and in the portal, it’s just been an absolute nightmare.

1.) Mobile App: Speech bubbles randomly disappear.

  1. Mobile App: Characters Randomly dissapear (this happens when Reading and Script testing.

  2. The content in the Portal is not consistent with the app: I coded an overlay and it moved WAY faster on the app than it did on the portal.

  3. overlays are popping up like crazy on the mobile app, even using the “special coding” I was given to use
    @overlay create AND overlay shifts to 1.00 1.00 AND overlay scales to 100 100 in zone 1 AND overlay opacity 1”
    instead of writing the “withs” on the background line - While this has cut back some of the issues, I am still getting pop ups.

  4. Overlays are not moving the same way in the app as the portal part 2: I checked my coding over and over again, and I have an overlay moving, and it works absolutely perfectly in the portal on test, yet when I get onto the app it moves entirely where it’s not suppose to and I can’t make heads or tails of it. I’m going to have a friend check my coding over, but it doesn’t make much sense why it would work flawlessly on the portal, but not the app.

  5. Rotating overlays: Also just not appearing the same on the app as the portal, I rotate one, looks perfect in the portal, get to the app and its totally wonky.

UGH! Please update this and fix these bugs, I’m going nuts!


As for rotating overlays, are you writing the zone as well? Because I wasn’t and I had the same problem.


Nah. I write in the zone. They are just off as to where they show up in the portal VS my phone app. Everything is cropped super clean too.


Did you try contacting support?


Yeah. Im on it.