Script to show LL characters using magic?

Does anyone have a script to show LL characters using magic?

I am not sure if I got your question right… but If you mean you need some sort of light atc… So I think to about several ways to do it… specific sound might be enough. If you need visual effect, you can make some custom overlay…like a light beam or whatever you desire od you can use for example quick fade in out to make it look like a flash of light.

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I’m looking for a script of overlay animation for magic but quick fade in is a good suggestion.

The script is not the same as an overlay - overlay is an image/picture while the script is the text you write the programming…

So do you know how to work with overlays? How to place them?

I found some sparkles overlay …might do the work:

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Thanks for the sparkles :heart_eyes::+1:. They are awesome :sunglasses:. Yes, I do know the difference between an overlay and a script and how to use them :smile:. What I was trying to ask for is a script to animate the overlay. If anyone know of any please let me know.

I have use that a lot in my story.

Just change the opacity. Then it will fade in and out

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look here it if helps:

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