Script too long to Customize Family

I’m trying to add customization options for the MC’s family in my story (using Dara Amarie’s templates), but because adding customization makes the script so much longer, I’m unable to save my episodes at all. Is there any way I can fix this without removing customization?? :sweat_smile:

Maybe you could add it in after you’re done writing the chapter?

Even without anything else in the chapter but customization, it’s too long to save :pensive:

Oh, Well then I have no idea. Sorry :pensive:

You can change to 1 line customization OR don’t make the reader to CC the whole family.

  1. A lot readers don’t like it cause it takes too long and they would rather read the story.

  2. You can use this:

For 1 line CC, you have to use @CHARACTER goes to character avatar and it’ll use Episode Profile customization. Like the one in the app. It’s old and doen’t have all features, but saves a lot of space.

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That’s the method I’ve been using; customizing the MC automatically customizes the MC’s family at the same time. But the script is too long still :frowning:

how long is it, exactly?

Then I seriously have no clue how to shorten it, as these are the only methods to CC something : (

How many lines of code are you working with right now?

About 20k lines of customization :sweat_smile:

20k lines :sweat_smile:

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My script is sitting at a solid 50k as of right now :face_with_peeking_eye: if mine can save, yours can too! It helps to refresh it (make sure you’ve copied things!) or just keep pressing that save button until it works. Not the save and preview button, that’s a little slower-going. And if that doesn’t help, try adding it in a chunk at a time and saving it, it goes a little faster ;))

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