Script trouble with character viewing

Hi everyone! I am working on a story currently but for this story I wanted to screenshot a certain part of my own episode story for the cover so I made a testing episode story to mess around with. I have uploaded my own background and it is in review right now but when I go on the app to see how it looks on mobile I cant seem to see my avatar. not only that it also says there is a script error but I am not sure what it is.
Here is my script and here is what I mean
Screenshot 2021-05-23 2.18.23 PM

and here is what it shows

Screenshot 2021-05-23 2.19.19 PM

This is the error that it shows me

Screenshot 2021-05-23 2.19.56 PM

I am not sure what i could do to fix it, I have tried deleting and retyping in different ways but it says the same thing. If anyone has any idea on what i could do, that would be greatly appreciated. <3

Try @ EMILY stands screen center. And the error will stay there until episode has approved your background (:

You could try using spot directing instead, like @EMILY spot 1.05 200 100