Script Urgent Help!

Help, please

Okay, I have been trying to write four stories over the past year. It was going pretty well. However, I seem to be running into problems everywhere! It’s driving me insane.

First, when I go to use a background that I uploaded I repeatedly get an "error’ or something saying that it was deleted. I would check and everything would seem fine. I even did as much as deleting and submitting ALL NEW different backgrounds. I still get the same thing.

Two, since editing on my laptop has become difficult, I’ve turned to write through the app. It doesn’t seem to work, it won’t let me edit a thing.

Please help :sob: seems I’ve tried everything I can think of at this point.

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Did your backgrounds got approved it?

Can you screenshot the error?

And what exactly you can’t edit on the app?

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If it say’s error that you’re background doesn’t exist or is deleted or probably because you typed it wrong or it got deleted :sweat_smile:
And second if you already published a story or wrote it in the computer it will only let you preview it and not make changes to anything in the story

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I just did this as a test, since I just added the background (in which isn’t yet approved) but usually, I could at least preview it, I can’t now.

It still doesn’t make sense… I made sure to double check spelling and everything. Even ones I did have approved at one point, I had problems with. :sweat_smile: Even if it isn’t approved it usually lets you preview it, just not to publish. I can’t do that.

Ah, I shouldve figured that, thank you.

Try to change the command because it’s wrong. Also, just to make sure check if it’s not misspelled. But as you said you had this problems before as well I would send a support ticket to the Episode Team


just copy and paste it from the catalog
that happens to me all the time its easy


Try something like this first


@pause for beat

If that still doesn’t work then do what @Apes said :grin:

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Thank you.