Script Warning Error (need help please :3 )

I want SASHA to walk to that postition and do those animations… but it comes
up as that error, and I have no idea what it means :sweat_smile:

Thank you so much if you help :))

you forgot to write the word “spot”

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Try Sasha walks to spot and then the rest of what you have l.

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@SASHA walks to spot 1.028 176 35

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Thank you sm!!

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ty :))

thank you :3

It would be smoother (directing wise) to write it down as:

@/SASHA walks to spot 1.028 176 35 in zone 2 in 3 and SASHA does it while walk_neutral_rear THEN SASHA is idle_rear

Also you can delete @/SASHA stands screen left since you already spotted them on line 352

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