Script warning error!

Can anyone tell me in the warnings slide what it means by: Too many values to unpack means??

Sorry :neutral_face: I thought that I could help you but…Idk myself what that means.

That’s okay! I think I may have found the problem :thinking: thanks anyway

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That happened to me today, I figured out that I used the same coding more than once, see if you may of used a code more than once

I did use the same coding, I copied and pasted the “narrator (renae)” and then added the dialogue after each one. That would’ve been why they were all red. But I realized the problem was something to do with a character placement further up the script, and I had missed putting in a symbol for it to work lol. Eventually all the red narrator bubbles I copied and pasted turned back to normal.

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usually this happens when the commands to contradict each other.Click on the error and see to which line it will bring you. looksrouhd it usually there is some mistake.

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tha your Narrators got red means there is some issue… check if you do not have there extra space infront of it.

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Oh okay! I’m glad the issue is fixed

Just a tip though! Instead of constantly having to write:

Blah blah blah

You can just write NARRATOR once and add a space between every new sentence, for example:

Just so not as many lines are taken up!

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Oh wow! That’s good to know, thanks for that!

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