Scripting 'Are You Sure'

Alright hi!! I am beginning with my new story and I just did the character customization in the script but I don’t know how to do the ‘Are You Sure’ option in the scripting, can anybody please help me?

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do you mean to send them back to the customization if they’re not happy?

Yess that :slight_smile:

you need a label at the start of your customization like label “customization” then when you’re done say:

Are you sure?

“Yes, I am happy.” {

goto start_story

} “No, I have to change something!” {

goto customization


label start_story


Ahh thank you so so much! Where do I have to put the label ‘customization’ ? I have this :slight_smile:


So…what’s your name?

Thankyou so much!!! I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

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No problem! Good luck with your story!

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Thankyou! You are so kind :slight_smile: Goodluck with your story too!

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nevermind I already understand!! oopsie