Scripting error do not know what to do

So it shows me this scripting error and I do not know what is wrong.

anyone have an idea?

There is no such command. It’s either:

@SKYE walks to screen center


@SKYE enters from left to screen center

Personally, I recommend using spot directing instead of this.

oh ok

But If I selected my spot how to I make my char walk to that spot?

I recommend looking at Dara’s site. It really helps and I think it’s all pretty clear. Here is the link:

Okay thank you both will have a look at that!


Plz try making the code as
@SKYE walks to screen center in 2” (the time u want)
Plz avoid using “from”. Tht is the reason for this error
Happy to help u :blush:

Before using this plz type the code
@SKYE stands screen left
(ONLY if the character is not in the place u want ie, screen left)
Ther is no need for " ". I just typed it to make the codes clear

You can place the character off screen first and the do @CHARACTER walks to spot xxxx in T
It usually looks way smoother than the basic entering and existing commands :smile:

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thank you guysss


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