Scripting Error for lightning flash?

sound thunderclap2
@overlay LIGHTNING create
@overlay LIGHTNING shifts to -52 204
@overlay LIGHTNING scales to 01.807 1.807
@overlay LIGHTNING opacity 1 in 1
@overlay LIGHTNING opacity 0 in 0.5
@overlay LIGHTNING shifts to 74 245
@overlay LIGHTNING scales to 1.493 1.493
@overlay LIGHTNING opacity 1 in 0.5
sound thunderclap

That is my script but my overlay won’t show in preview is this a glitch or is there something wrong in my script?

did u add your overlay name with the background? If u didnt then it will not show, if u did then u need to add the zone number for it to show at the zone.


INT. CAFE - DAY with OVERLAY NAME at layer # in zone #

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Ok i also wanted to add in the hard rain effect. How would I put that in as well? Thanks for your help

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Thank you!

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