Scripting Error

hey I got this error show on the Updo hairstyles but thats just how the hair styles are called.
How do I ignore it so it doesn’t show the error anymore?

You just have to ignore it; sometimes Episode forgets those kind of things. If you want, you can rename it to “Tied-up hair styles”

will still work?

Of course! That’s just some narration dialogue, it has nothing to do with actually changing the hairstyles. Don’t worry, I tested it out myself :wink:

great! ty so much!
you are really nice (:

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Spelling errors don’t matter. They don’t affect your story or script. You can just ignore them.

also I thought that I won’t be able to publish my story but the spelling error don’t matter

Thanks for letting me know as well.

P.S I love you’re templates they saved my life!

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